Atria Promotion 3 months start from September - November 2017 - Info Borobudur dan Wisata Magelang WA 0857 2721 9997, VW Tour, Sepeda, Rafting, Jeep, Andong


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Pesona Magelang


Atria Promotion 3 months start from September - November 2017

Enjoy our spectacular rice bowl promotion during these upcoming 3 months start from September - November 2017. Made from special ingredients for special guest with choices of meat and served with Miso Soup.
Rp. 66.000 net/portion

Green Booster
Best ingredients for the perfect blend. Let’s chill and drink our special fresh Green Booster made from apple juice, lime juice, lemon fruit, mint leaf and sparkling water.
Rp. 32.000 net/glass

Matcha Tea
Meet matcha, the current darling of the tea world. Matcha is much more than a tea, this finely milled green tea powder has seen a surge in popularity recently thanks to its visual appeal, purported health benefits, and beautiful, distinct flavor. In this special occasion, we present you a hot and or iced matcha tea made from fresh milk, vanilla syrup, matcha green tea, mint leaf, mint syrup and whipped cream combined with our Rice bowl
Rp. 35.000 net/glass

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